Features of CORI²

CORI² is a full-featured endoscopy reporting software that matches the speed of dictation with point-and-click operation. Supporting the entire endoscopic procedure process from scheduling the patient to faxing a report to the referring provider.  View a downloadable PDF highlighting the features and benefits here.



CORI² supports the capture of still images and HD images such that they can be attached to the report. CORI² allows for images to be attached to the PDF copy of the report and this report format can be integrated into VISTA Imaging. No additional video cards/cables are needed. Additionally, CORI² needs a properly formatted HL7 message sent to our system. The message points to the location of the procedure images on the network for the software to access and copy. The images can be formatted as jpg, png, gif, bmp.


CORI² software provides the following module options for reports and/or tracking: Cancellations tracked in Queries – Logs – Appointments (cancelled), Time for patients in Queries – Logs- Schedule, Procedure Count by Admission Status and Procedure Duration. CORI2 does not track scope utilization, repair, or down time. However, CORI² does log and track reported software and/or scope issues within our QMS process specific to each site.


CORI² scheduling offers a comprehensive ability to track and manage clinical site activities.  With calendar views by endoscopist or room, users can track color-coded activities including scheduled appointments, no shows, signature approval and other uses, as determined by the site.


CORI² quality reporting is done in the queries section. This allows a user to run queries against their sites database for information on their procedures. We have queries in both our Quality Indicators and and Custom Queries section. In Quality Indicators the following can be queried: Ademonma Detection, ASC10 & OP30: Surveillance, ASC9 & OP29: Screening, Bowel Prep, Bowel Prep List, Cecal Intubation, Polyp Detection, Polyp Retrieval, Screening Interval, Withdrawal times. Custom Queries the following can be queried: Colonoscopy Scope Times, EGD Completion rate, Colonoscopy Withdrawal Times. The CORI² software has flexibility within the reporting function for several types of queries. However, when needed, the queries are end user customizable for an additional fee.


CORI² uses HL7 to interoperate with others systems, such as VISTA, at a facility in two ways. 

First, the software listens for HL7 ADT messages. From these messages it creates a temporary list of patient information. When a new Patient is created on CORI²’s Patient page, CORI²’s middle tier will query the CORI² listener for this list. The user will automatically be shown a dialog that shows the list of patients who have recently been admitted. This list can be filtered with basic information such as patient name, date of birth, or MRN. When the patient is selected from the list, the information is auto-populated into the CORI² patient record being created. This saves time for the user and prevents transcription errors. 

CORI² can also export information from its procedure report via an HL7 message it generates. In this case the middle tier creates the message and sends it out as part of building the procedure report. This occurs automatically when a procedure is signed. The message sent out could contain the directory and filename for the PDF or text versions of the procedure report. Alternatively, the message can contain a text-only version of the report.